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#29. We drove down from Denver the night before, and slept in our Outback. We missed the no camping allowed sign (arrived at 2am), and got a ticket from a ranger in the morning. We didn’t have correct change for the fine, so he let us go. The mesa is a really cool land feature. The high point of Oklahoma stands at 4,975ft.


For our 28th state high point, Victoria and I completed Mount Sunflower in Kansas. It’s right across the Colorado border and stands at 4,039 feet. It was a cold and windy day, but we drove the whole way so no big deal.

For our fourth and final high point of the day, and our first “night” high point ever, we went to Brasstown Bald in Georgia which is 4,783 feet tall. It was a half mile hike from the parking lot to summit, and Victoria hated every second of it. After this mountain, we headed to Atlanta.

From Mount Mitchell, we headed directly to South Carolina’s high point – Sassafras Mountain (3,533 ft), which is another drive up mountain.  #16!

After spending a few days getting a car in Asheville, we decided to save time and do four high points in one day. We started by driving up Mount Mitchell. Mount Mitchell is North Carolina’s highest point and the highest point in the United States east of the Mississippi, standing at 6,684 feet. It was very foggy and cold, so no view.