Brad, Dom, John, Greg, Lindsey, Nate, and Victoria all summited Mount Katahdin – Maine’s highest peak at 5,269 feet, and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Meryl spent the two nights with us at Chimney Pond Campground, where we had reserved two lean-tos. It drizzled most of the weekend which made everything wet and cold. On Friday afternoon, after a 7 hour drive, it took us two hours five minutes, including 15 minutes rest time, do the 3.4 mile, 1,550 foot elevation gain hike into Chimney Pond Campground. Amazingly, just by coincidence, we ran into our guide from our February Mount Washington trip right as we came into camp .

The next morning we had breakfast (egg beaters prepared by Victoria) before starting up Cathedral Trail. Meryl stayed behind to guard our beers. We followed Cathedral Trail up to Baxter Peak where we were pretty much in the clouds the entire time. At that point Nate made the decision, having high pointed Maine, to not cross the knife edge and instead take Saddle Trail back to camp. The rest of us crossed the knife edge to Pamela, and came down Dudley Trail. The skies cleared up towards the end of the knife edge giving us a nice view of the exposure. Dudley was tough coming down. This loop was 4.1 miles and 2,800 feet elevation gain and it took us a little over 8 hours to complete.

This was our eighth state high point, and an awesome trip to mark the end of our time in Connecticut and the start of our road trip to Colorado.