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Mount Mansfield is Vermont’s highest peak at 4,395ft (1,340m). Greg, John, Nate, and Victoria all summited on October 20, 2012. We took the Long Trail to the summit, followed the Subway and Cliff Trail to the Toll Road, and finally descended via two Stowe Resort ski trails, Upper and Lower Nosedive (6.5mi loop, 2,800ft elevation gain).

We parked our car at the Southern Gateway parking lot which is directly opposite the entrance to the Stowe Resort ski area on VT Route 108 (44.533183,-72.786664). We hiked north alongside VT Rt. 108 for about 0.4 miles and picked up the Long Trail on our left (44.537135,-72.790848). The trailhead marker is set about 30 feet back from the road and is easily missed. Having rained heavily the day and night before, the trails were wet all day.

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Camel’s Hump is Vermont’s highest undeveloped peak and third highest overall at 4,083ft (1,244m). Dom, Greg, and Nate all summited on a very windy October 6th, 2012. We took the Monroe Trail, Dean Trail, and Long Trail up the south side of the summit, and took  the Monroe Trail back down. (7.4mi loop, 2,600ft elevation gain). The day started off party cloudy, but within a mile of the summit, the weather deteriorated to 50 feet of visibility and high winds gusting 40mph or more.

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