We took Kelso Ridge up to the top of Torrey’s and back.  We intended to do Gray’s, but I had food poisoning and could not keep any water down and was out of energy.


Oldman Mountain is a really fun, short scramble here in Colorado. Awesome wind.

#29. We drove down from Denver the night before, and slept in our Outback. We missed the no camping allowed sign (arrived at 2am), and got a ticket from a ranger in the morning. We didn’t have correct change for the fine, so he let us go. The mesa is a really cool land feature. The high point of Oklahoma stands at 4,975ft.

Mt. Sneffels was our second 14,000 footer, and also where Victoria and I became engaged. So this will always be a special mountain for us. We left Denver at 5pm on Friday after Victoria got out of work. On the 7-hour drive to the trailhead, we experienced the most amazing rainbow we’ve ever seen. I almost pulled the car over and proposed on the side of the road. We ended up arriving at the trailhead around 1 in the morning. Our Outback barely made it up the 4×4 trail to the lower trailhead, and it was terrifying driving in the middle of the night.

We woke up a little before 6 and started hiking. I proposed at the summit, and she said yes. Afterwards, we went to Telluride and spent the night there.

For our 28th state high point, Victoria and I completed Mount Sunflower in Kansas. It’s right across the Colorado border and stands at 4,039 feet. It was a cold and windy day, but we drove the whole way so no big deal.